Printable Planner Pages


Rather than our regular printed pages, for the coming year, our planner pages will be available to purchase as printable PDFs only. This means you’ll receive electronic copies of your chosen product(s), which you’ll be able to save and print as many times as needed. Sound a little daunting? It needn’t be, and we’re here to help with any questions you might have.

We’ve created a detailed printing helpsheet that accompanies each printables purchase, which walks through each of the aspects to consider when printing your pages, whether that’s at home or via an external company. We’ve also included some suggestions for online companies here in the UK who can print your pages for you without the need to visit a copyshop - it’s as simple as uploading your files, selecting your page size and paper thickness, and then waiting for your printouts to arrive in the mail.

And when the pages arrive? Since you’ll be punching your pages yourself, you’ll need a hole punch compatible with your choice of organiser. A quick online search should offer a range of options, but again we're happy to help if you're unsure of the style you'll need. You'll also find a post on this subject, with our recommendations, on our Instagram feed.

Our printables range is available to purchase via our Etsy store. Click here to browse our full range or use the individual product links to access the items on Etsy.