A closer look: Exploring our daily and weekly planner layouts

July 31, 2023

A closer look: Exploring our daily and weekly planner layouts

Often, it takes some hands-on experience to grasp the details and intricacies that a particular planner layout offers. Each will have it’s own features and flexibilities, and have been designed with a specific intention or purpose in mind.

In today’s journal post we share a little of the thought process and intentions behind each of our signature daily and weekly planner layouts. Unveiling the details that may not be obvious at first glance or from product listings, we offer some ideas and suggestions to help you make the most of each option.

Daily Layout: Optimise Productivity

Busy days require serious planning, and our daily layout has been designed with the modern professional in mind. As a tried and tested method of maximising productivity, this layout features a time blocking design to conquer those demanding schedules. Featuring 2 days per page for a lighter and more compact solution than many traditional offerings, we’ve incorporated a daily schedule running from 8am to 6pm with half hourly intervals. Equally suited to marking out appointments or dedicating time to work on specific tasks, each line has been suitably sized for ease of use. A further untitled sector provides space to capture priorities, pre- or post-work commitments, and adds flexibility to the otherwise structured design.

We love this for: it’s tried and tested time blocking approach

We recommend this for: go-getters and young executives, CEOs, productivity-driven planners

4 Block Weekly Layout: Embrace Minimalist Style

Designed for the minimalists among us, our 4 block design is simple and understated. With a week-to-view layout, each page is evenly divided into four blocks, giving eight sectors in total. This configuration offers seven dedicated spaces for individual days and an additional sector for a summary or overview where you can jot down your priorities or to-do list, to aid in planning your week.

By maximising the space dedicated to each day, this layout offers flexibility, allowing you to plan your week according to your unique style. Opt to divide sectors into columns or squares, segregating your workday from your personal life or distinguishing between appointments and your to-do lists.

We love this for: it’s minimalist aesthetic, flexibility of use

We recommend this for: lovers of minimalist style, creatives, goal-orientated planners

Classic Weekly Layout: Discover Timeless Simplicity

Embodying tradition without feeling rigid or stuffy, the strength of our classic weekly layout lies in it’s simplicity, and it’s proportions. With a week-on-2-pages layout, each weekday has a generous, dedicated space, while Saturday and Sunday also have individual sectors for those busy weekends. Offering ample space for even the busiest of days, this layout is perfect for note-taking and list making.

We love this for: it’s timeless appeal, available writing space

We recommend this for: lovers of tradition and classic style, planner newbies, note-taking enthusiasts

Classic Overview Weekly Layout: Perfectly Proportioned

A subtle variation of our timeless classic layout, this design blends tradition with strategy. Retaining a user-friendly week-on-2-pages view, this variation adds an invaluable split column overview sector to add priorities, reminders or to dos. Daily sectors are retained, and feature full width but slightly shallower proportions for each day - ideal for segmenting further to differentiate between morning and afternoon or career and personal life.

We love this for: it’s balanced proportions, functionality

We recommend this for: strategic planners, those with busy weekends, to-do list enthusiasts

Dashboard Weekly Layout: Create Efficiency and Balance

A clear favourite with our loyal customers, our dashboard layout integrates an array of essential tools into a single, efficient planner layout. Set across 2 pages, this layout has been designed to allow for easy planning and tracking, seamlessly blending both work and personal commitments for a beautifully organised and balanced week. With a full page allocated to identifying the weekly priorities, to-dos, meal planning and daily habit tracking, the facing page features a flexible weekly layout with individual sectors for each day - designed to use either for appointments or tasks, or for daily note taking or journalling.

We love this for: it’s all-in-one ‘at a glance’ design, work/life balance

We recommend this for: busy families, students, journalling enthusiasts, harmony-seekers

Final Thoughts

Whether you lean towards minimalist aesthetics, timeless simplicity, strategic balance, all-in-one efficiency, or productivity-driven approaches, we believe wholeheartedly that there’s a planner layout for everyone. Enjoy exploring the options, embrace each layout, and make the most of your choice to stay organised, focused and successful in achieving your goals. Happy planning!

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