Set of 9 Dipped & Foiled Pencils | Mixed Coast Shades | Free Spirit

£15.00 GBP

Set of 9 Dipped & Foiled Pencils | Mixed Coast Shades

Add a little positivity to your pencil case with our dipped and foiled writing pencils.

Created in cool, calm, feminine hues, we’ve added dainty, delicate foiled words and phrases to lift the spirits.

Each set contains 9 pencils in total - 3 in each coast-inspired shade (sage green, soft blush and white), and featuring 9 individual phrases as follows:

  • Adventure awaits
  • Dare to dream
  • Free spirit
  • Life is a journey
  • Live with abandon
  • Not all who wander are lost
  • Stay wild
  • Wanderlust
  • Wild at heart

Our plastic-free test-tube style pencil packaging has been selected and designed with care for both a beautiful gifting experience and to enable easy re-use or upcycling of the glass tube. Labels have been designed to be easily removed and are fully recyclable, while the choice of a flat base tube means it can stand independently. Tubes have an approximate length of 20cm with a diameter of 3cm. Re-use it as a terrarium, for bath salts, craft storage and more.

Additional colour options, words and phrases can be viewed via the Luxury Pencils collection page.

Please note: pencils contain natural graphite, and though all pencils are cleaned and inspected prior to shipping, a small amount of fine graphite dust may settle on the barrel of the pencils during transportation. This can be easily removed by wiping gently with a damp cloth. Residue or markings at the unsharpened end will also be removed during initial sharpening.

Key Features at a Glance
  • Set of 9 pencils packaged within a re-usable glass test-tube
  • Each pencil measures approx. 0.7cm x 17.6cm in unsharpened state
  • Glass test-tube packaging measures approx. 3cm x 20cm, features a flat base and cork stopper
  • Available with a print direction choice to suit both right-handed and left-handed writers
  • Created for Studio Scribe by traditional British pencil manufacturers, and digitally foiled in our studio